Exploration History

Exploration History

Watershed was discovered by the Utah Development Company (Utah) in 1978 as a consequence of a regional exploration program for tungsten. The first exploration hole at Watershed  was drilled in 1980, following intensive stream sediment sampling, soil sampling and geological mapping of the prospect. In 1984 the prospect passed to a joint venture between Utah and Peko Wallsend Operations Limited (Geopeko).

Exploration work continued until mid-1986 when Geopeko withdrew from the joint venture. At this point the tungsten deposits were secured under a Mineral Development Licence (MDL) by BHP in 1986.

Activities were restarted in 2005 when ownership of the Mineral Development Licence passed to Vital Metals Ltd.  Vital embarked on a program of exploration drilling to increase the size and confidence in the scheelite mineral resource.

Extensive exploration work encompassing some 54,024.4m from 334 diamond and reverse circulation drill holes has been undertaken on the deposit between 1980 and 2011.

Aug. ’80 – Aug. ’82Utah4311,497.85,8835,896.4
Aug. ’85 – Sept. ’85Geopeko12825.7414415.3
Nov. ’05 - Dec. ’11Vital27941,701.018,58518,589.4

Diamond Drilling at Watershed