Bouli Project

Bella Tondi

Maiden RC drill program successfully intersected gold mineralisation below extensive hard rock artisanal mining activity (it is estimated that over 20,000 miners were active).

Ultra-high gold grades of up to 4m @157g/t Au returned along strike with multiple zones of gold mineralisation including:

  • BTRC040: 10m @ 63.5 g/t Au from 74m inc 4m@ 157 g/t Au from 76m
  • BTRC022B: 2m @ 13.1g/t Au from 83m
  • BTRC005B: 8m @ 10.3g/t Au from 62m including 2m @ 36.5g/t Au from 62m
  • BTRC041: 2m @ 9.9 g/t Au from 64m
  • BTRC029: 15m @ 3.1g/t Au from 56m, ending in mineralisation
  • BTRC037: 2m @ 4.7 g/t Au from 40m
  • BTRC035: 4m @ 3.3 g/t Au from 44m
  • BTRC008: 2m @ 3.5 g/t Au from 18m
  • BTRC008: 2m @ 3.4 g/t Au from 40m
  • BTRC026: 8m @ 2.9 g/t Au from 46m
  • BTRC013: 4m @ 1.4 g/t Au from 6m
  • BTRC009: 6m @ 1.1 g/t Au from 8m
  • BTRC016: 10m @ 1.0 g/t Au from 22m

These results indicate why the gold mineralisation was the focus for so many miners along the Bella Tondi Structure.

Ultra-high grade gold intervals below artisanal workings have been reported in drilling at depths between 50m to 70m below surface.

Gold mineralisation remains open at depth and along strike with more drilling planned.

Petit Druirkou

Located approximately 5km to the west of Bella Tondi within a north-west trending corridor of gold mineralisation are:

  • Burke Burke (BB) – RAB + DD
  • Petit Druirkou (PD) – RAB + DD

Previous exploration conducted by SUMMA on these prospects includes 589 RAB holes with an average depth of 10m drilled for 6,000m and 34 DD holes with an average depth of 105m drilled for 3,569m. Highlights from the diamond drilling include the following high-grade gold intercepts of:

  • 17.9m @ 7.92 g/t Au from 57.2m
  • 1.6m @ 16.58 g/t Au from 63.7m
  • 7.1m @ 2.73 g/t Au from 16m
  • 5.8m @ 2.60 g/t Au from 45.8m
  • 4.1m @ 3.20 g/t Au from 77m

Vital’s geological team has reviewed the drill core from the previous drilling program and now consider the gold mineralisation within this corridor to be hosted in a folded sequence of metasediments and meta-tuffs with mineralized quartz veins and sulphide stringers probably plunging parallel to the fold axes.

Regionally this is consistent with the Samira Hill gold deposit which is located in a horizontal or recumbent fold hinge. The Petit Druirkou gold prospect appears to be located along this favourable horizon, as recognized by the geologists of SEMAFO.

Further exploration is planned to test this this mineralised corridor which is already known to host shallow high-grade gold mineralisation. There is good potential to extend the limits of known gold mineralisation considering the previous drilling results and a number of +100 Au ppb RAB gold anomalies which have not yet been drill tested.